Financial Wellness


Financial wellness is an important aspect of life as it has a direct impact on overall feelings of wellness, resilience, and functioning.  Financial wellness tends to be overlooked by many as finances can be confusing and honestly, overwhelming at times, and it may seem easier to ignore financial issues or to fix them in a crisis but these approaches are not the best and can result in difficulties in others areas of your life. 

Financially informed students will make good choices about their futures, and will be better able to cope with the complex issues that face them during their time in medical school, upon graduation and beyond.

Remember that the Office of Financial Aid is a resource for questions about general loan repayment, consolidation, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and Income Driven Repayment plans. In addition, they have compiled documents/fact sheets on a variety of topics-credit, budgeting, identity theft prevention, and buying a home, just to name a few; to assist you in broadening your financial knowledge. This information can be found in Medsis, under Students Menu, Career Counseling, Financial Literacy Resources.

For more information on the Office of Financial Aid please click here. If you have questions or concerns, you can reach out by calling (585) 275-4523 or via email at: