Spiritual Wellness


Spiritual wellness focuses on the development of consideration and appreciation of the meaning and purpose in human existence, and the forces that exist in the universe surrounding us. Medical students spend numerous hours becoming proficient in the human body, while being faced with the challenge of balancing one’s own physical health with the mind and soul. Students may choose various approaches to help maintain a biopsychosocial balance that encourages a healthy and focused mind. Spiritual wellness can be experienced and achieved in many ways, such as meditation, religion, music, art, literature, and nature.

Mindful Practice at URMC
Mindful Practice® programs help to develop qualities of exemplary clinicians in all specialties and at all levels of experience.  These qualities include the ability to be present, attentive, and curious, and to adopt a "beginner's mind" with the goal of achieving greater awareness and insight into one's own work.
Mindful Practice® programs offer a means to:

  • Enhance the self-awareness, wellness, and resilience of health professionals
  • Improve their relationships with patients and colleagues
  • Advance the quality of medical care they provide

Worship Services in the Interfaith Chapel at Strong

The Interfaith Chapel is available for patients, families, visitors, and staff at Strong Memorial Hospital and Golisano Children’s Hospital. The Interfaith Chapel is located on the first floor near the orange elevators.
Worship services are held on:

  • Tuesday at 12:10pm - Mindfulness Meditation
  • Wednesday at 12:10pm - Mindfulness Meditation
  • Thursday at 12:30pm - Interfaith Prayer Service
  • Friday at 12:30pm - Roman Catholic Communion Service
  • Friday at 1:45pm - Muslim Service

The Interfaith Chapel
The Interfaith Chapel is a place for people to worship in their particular faith and a place where people of different faiths, or no religious tradition at all, can share in dialogue, worship, and interfaith education. Our multi-faith community and our interfaith engagements contribute significantly to the rich diversity that is the University of Rochester experience.