Preparation for Orientation Week August 13-17, 2018

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Registration Weeks

July 30 – August 3, 2018
August 6 – 10, 2018
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM each weekday

Registration must begin in the Offices for Medical Education, Student Services, 601 Elmwood Avenue, G-7644.

  • Review Checklist 3 for all of the requirements
  • It is important to present “Verification of Eligibility” documents. Please review the Verification of eligibility document for a complete list of what you need. ONLY original, valid documents are accepted, no expired or duplicate copies.

Do I still need to send my official transcripts even if I already submitted them to AMCAS?

  • Yes. Transcripts sent to AMCAS as part of the application process ARE NOT ON FILE with the medical school. Your official final transcript(s) must be submitted from each school listed on your AMCAS application before you matriculate. (If your degree granting school transcript lists courses and grades taken at another school (school B), then a transcript from school B is not required.) Transcripts must include all courses of study, credit hours obtained, degree granted (if any) and date.
What is my login ID and password for the Orientation Forms web site?

The login credentials are your AMCAS ID number and the password is the same you used to enter our Applicant Portal to complete the secondary application and schedule your interview. If you do not recall your password for the Applicant Portal, please contact the Admissions Office.

Student URID Number

Your student URID number is located on the main page of the Orientation Forms web site under "View your Profile". Click on "View your Profile" and a box will appear with information, including your student URID number. Please review this Document for details.

URMC Email Account Information

Your URMC email account information is located on the main page of the Orientation Forms web site under "View your Profile". Click on "View your Profile" and a box will appear with information, including your URMC email account information. Please review this Document for details.

DUO Authentication Information

Please follow these Instructions to sign up for DUO Authentication. You will need to register for DUO Authentication prior to coming to Orientation. You can also view these Duo Tutorials for details.


FERPA consent form
UCC flyer
UHS flyer
A word from the ADA
CPH Brochure
PBL 2018
Solomon Amendment
Voter Registration

Informational Videos

Bursar’s Office
Financial Aid Office
Registrar’s Office

The next 3 videos are password protected. After clicking a link, you will be prompted to login to Blackboard. If you do not know your Blackboard username or password, contact Blackboard Support at or 585-275-6865.

MedSIS Part 1
MedSIS Part 2
Encore Exams


Ground Floor of the Medical Center
First Floor of the Medical Center
Second Floor of the Medical Center
Genesee Valley Park
Interfaith Chapel on River Campus
Walking Directions to Interfaith Chapel

Orientation Timeline

Have you filled out your Forms for Orientation?

View the Orientation week at a glance schedule.

You can view the individual schedule for each day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Phone: (585) 275-4539
Fax: (585) 756-5479

Additional Useful Phone Numbers

Office Name Contact Number
Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity (CACHED) (585) 275-2175
Financial Aid (585) 275-4523
Housing Office (585) 275-3166
MD/MBA Program (585) 275-3533
MD/MPH Program (585) 275-7882
MD/PhD Program (585) 275-8721
Parking Services (585) 275-4524
Student Services Center (585) 275-7245
University Health Services (UHS) (585) 275-2662
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  • Edwardian nurserymen, horticulturists, a famous landscape designer, and a visionary industrial philanthropist began Rochester’s legacy of beauty with an international reputation for excellence as the “Flower City.”
  • Rochester and the Finger Lakes region produced extraordinary women who helped shape this area and the nation for centuries. Visionaries, leaders, dreamers, reformers – follow their paths along the National Women’s History Trail through Rochester, Seneca Falls, and the Finger Lakes.
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Question Answer
What is the attire or dress code during Orientation week? The attire is casual and weather appropriate (except for the White Coat Ceremony).
Keep in mind that you are now joining the profession of medicine and should dress accordingly.

Wednesday’s Team Building exercise will be at Genesee Valley Park and will have physical components.
Weather appropriate casual dress (capris, Bermuda shorts, jeans), including sneakers or casual closed-toe shoes. For safety reasons, flip-flops, sandals, sundresses or skirts, are not allowed.

Friday’s White Coat Ceremony: Business attire, men in shirt and ties (suit coats are not necessary
as you will be putting on your white coat) and dress slacks, women in dress slacks or appropriate neck and hemlines. Appropriate shoes – remember you will be walking from the School of Medicine over to the Interfaith Chapel on River Campus.

Please note: there will be no place to store backpacks, purses, bags or other items at the Chapel, please plan accordingly.
Question Answer
When will I be billed, and when is the payment due? Your billing statement will be emailed to your URMC email on July 16th and payment will be due by August 17th.
Can I see my charges a head of time? You can log onto the Bursar’s Office website to see a list of charges.
How can I pay my bill? You can either pay online through URePay (in Blackboard) or bring a check into our Student Services Center. Credit card payments are not accepted at this University.
How will I receive my financial aid? If all of your financial aid paperwork is complete, your financial aid will be disbursed during Orientation Week.
If your aid exceeds our charges, a refund will be ordered for you.
You will be given a choice of receiving a paper check (takes up to 10 days) or you can select Netnet Student Choice in URePay and request direct deposit to your bank account (3-4 days).
Question Answer
What is the process for Accommodations? You will be given the opportunity to notify the School of your required accommodations
through the Orientation Forms web site. Please complete your notification through that site so it is tracked that you completed the required form.

The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry provides many services for our students. Please review the list below, and review the policy/information in the Medical Student Handbook.

Once you have completed your review, Fill out a Form for each that apply.
  • Accommodations for Health
  • Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities (ADA)
  • ADA Ombudsperson (for information only)
  • Opting out of Educational Experiences due to Conscientious Objections
  • Religious Observance
For additional questions regarding accommodations, please contact Kathryn Castle.
Question Answer
Where do I park? During Registration weeks: Park in the visitor lot outside of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, 415 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. This is a pay lot.

Instructions to secure School parking are on Checklist 3 and will be provided by Student Services when you begin the registration process. In general, students are assigned to Lot 1 at the corner of Kendrick
and Lattimore Roads. This is a pay lot.

For the White Coat Ceremony on River Campus: It is recommended that students park in their assigned parking lots and walk over to the Interfaith Chapel on River Campus. Family and friends should park in the medical center visitor lots and walk over. The elderly or disabled can be dropped off at the Chapel, doors open for seating at 8:45 am.
There is little to no parking along the road in front of the chapel, so families should plan accordingly.
How does student health insurance work? Through the forms website on the checklists, you are required to log onto the University Health Service (UHS) website to either accept or decline the UR Student insurance.

If you choose to decline it, you will be asked to indicate what insurance will be covering you.
If that insurance passes the University’s requirements, you will receive a confirmation that your declination is accepted.

You can access the site here, but you will also need to complete a form through the website for tracking purposes.
How do I get a University Health Service (UHS) – Mask Fitting? All medical students must go through an annual session for mask fitting with UHS nurses.
Students will be scheduled for their initial mask fitting during Orientation week.

Students that have or maintain facial hair, need a special mask fitting session and will NOT be able to
participate in the group sessions and will not be scheduled for a session.
If you maintain facial hair on a regular basis, it is not advised to just shave for the
convenience of the fitting during Orientation week.

Students with facial hair must make a separate appointment with UHS to complete their mask
fitting by calling UHS at 585.275.4955 to be protected appropriately.
To remain compliant with School requirements, the fitting needs to be completed by September 15th.
Where do I send my required health forms? University Health Service
PO Box 270617
Rochester, NY 14627-0617
FAQs for health forms? UHS Frequently Asked Questions Web Site.
Technology The UR Tech Store is located in the Medical Center, room G-7220B (next to the Xerox Print Center) and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Information can be found on their Web Site.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding student iPads.

Quick instructions for setting up your iPad.

Contact the Computing Center Help Desk at 585-275-6865 or

Do you have questions?